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Interest Free or Low Interest Loans to Trusts - Beware the Tax Implications!

Category: Tax | By Judd Reid

24 October 2017  |  Trusts

If you have an interest free loan or low interest loan which is owed to you or your company from a Trust, then you need to pay attention. Read more

Budget 2017 - How it Affects Trusts

Category: Trusts | By Arno Goebel

23 February 2017  |  Trusts, Tax

The big news is that trusts are now taxed at 45%, up 4% in line with the new top marginal rate for individuals on taxable income in excess of R1.5 million ... Read more

How Section 7C Affects Loans to Trusts

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

12 February 2017  |  trusts, tax

Effective 1 March 2017, section 7C will stop the well-used technique of donating back low interest or interest fee loans to trusts ... Read more

Davis Committee 2nd Interim Report

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

29 September 2016  |  tax, estates

The committee released its second interim report on the 24th of August. It is important to stress that these are only recommendations and not law until ... Read more

New Foreign Asset Amnesty

Category: Tax | By Andre Calitz

09 June 2016  |  Tax

“As the world becomes increasingly globalised and cross-border activities become the norm, tax administrations need to work together..." Read more

Special Trusts

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

23 May 2016  |  Trusts, Wills, Estates, Tax

There are two types of special trusts recognised for tax purposes in the Income Tax Act. The first type of Trust is referred to as a Special Type A Trust ... Read more

Trust Loan to a Company

Category: Trusts | By Arno Goebel

26 May 2015  |  Companies, Dividends, Tax, Trusts

A lot of tax planning is done around loans between companies and trusts and it is important to understand the re-characterisation rules Read more

New Trust Tax Return

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

25 November 2014  |  Tax, Trusts

The good news is that trusts are here to stay – at least that is what I believe... Read more

New anti-avoidance amendment may render dividends taxable!

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

01 October 2014  |  Dividends, Estates, Executors, Law, Trusts

Changes to the tax legislation announced in the Budget-Speech... Read more