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Davis Committee 2nd Interim Report

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

29 September 2016  |  tax, estates

The committee released its second interim report on the 24th of August. It is important to stress that these are only recommendations and not law until ... Read more

Special Trusts

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

23 May 2016  |  Trusts, Wills, Estates, Tax

There are two types of special trusts recognised for tax purposes in the Income Tax Act. The first type of Trust is referred to as a Special Type A Trust ... Read more

Know your founder

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

11 August 2015  |  Estates, Trusts

Trustees are often faced with the challenge of having to locate the Founder (also referred to as the Settlor or Read more

Whats in a will?

Category: Estates | By Chamonie Buys

11 July 2015  |  Estates, Executors, Wills

Whenever the topic of a Will comes up I am reminded of a quote in a well-known South African case: Read more

Right of Pre-Emption in a Shareholder Agreement vs Provision in the Will

Category: Wills | By Arno Goebel

10 October 2014  |  Estates, Executors, Law, Shareholders

The right of pre-emption is a contractual arrangement, usually between shareholders... Read more

New anti-avoidance amendment may render dividends taxable!

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

01 October 2014  |  Dividends, Estates, Executors, Law, Trusts

Changes to the tax legislation announced in the Budget-Speech... Read more

Nominating a Foreign Executor – is this a good idea at all and why?

Category: Wills | By Arno Goebel

01 October 2014  |  Estates, Executors, Shareholders, Trusts

Should you discourage clients from nominating a foreign Executor in their Wills? Read more