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Interest Free or Low Interest Loans to Trusts - Beware the Tax Implications!

Category: Tax | By Judd Reid

24 October 2017  |  Trusts

If you have an interest free loan or low interest loan which is owed to you or your company from a Trust, then you need to pay attention. Read more

Budget 2017 - How it Affects Trusts

Category: Trusts | By Arno Goebel

23 February 2017  |  Trusts, Tax

The big news is that trusts are now taxed at 45%, up 4% in line with the new top marginal rate for individuals on taxable income in excess of R1.5 million ... Read more

How Section 7C Affects Loans to Trusts

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

12 February 2017  |  trusts, tax

Effective 1 March 2017, section 7C will stop the well-used technique of donating back low interest or interest fee loans to trusts ... Read more

Special Trusts

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

23 May 2016  |  Trusts, Wills, Estates, Tax

There are two types of special trusts recognised for tax purposes in the Income Tax Act. The first type of Trust is referred to as a Special Type A Trust ... Read more

Is Your Trust Valid?

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

08 March 2016  |  Trusts

You instruct a company to prepare and register a Trust and you accept, in good faith, that the Trust is valid. Sadly, it turns out that this was not the case ... Read more

Sureties! Beware and Prepare

Category: Trusts | By Judd Reid

09 December 2015  |  Trusts, Property

We were recently asked to explain the implications of waiving the benefit of excussion by a client wanting to stand Surety... Read more

Obtain authority before signing an offer to purchase

Category: Property Law | By Chamonie Buys

09 October 2015  |  Property, Trusts

In our administration of Trusts we experience too often that a trustee enters into property transactions... Read more

Know your founder

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

11 August 2015  |  Estates, Trusts

Trustees are often faced with the challenge of having to locate the Founder (also referred to as the Settlor or Read more

Ask these questions about your Trust

Category: Trusts | By Chamonie Buys

09 July 2015  |  Trusts

We are often approached by trustees of existing inter vivos (living) Trusts for purposes of reviewing the Trusts from a compliance point of view Read more

Trust Loan to a Company

Category: Trusts | By Arno Goebel

26 May 2015  |  Companies, Dividends, Tax, Trusts

A lot of tax planning is done around loans between companies and trusts and it is important to understand the re-characterisation rules Read more

New Trust Tax Return

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

25 November 2014  |  Tax, Trusts

The good news is that trusts are here to stay – at least that is what I believe... Read more

New anti-avoidance amendment may render dividends taxable!

Category: Tax | By Arno Goebel

01 October 2014  |  Dividends, Estates, Executors, Law, Trusts

Changes to the tax legislation announced in the Budget-Speech... Read more

Nominating a Foreign Executor – is this a good idea at all and why?

Category: Wills | By Arno Goebel

01 October 2014  |  Estates, Executors, Shareholders, Trusts

Should you discourage clients from nominating a foreign Executor in their Wills? Read more