About Us

At Lighthouse Trust and Corporate, you will find not only the best specialist practitioners working as a team, but an industry-leading process that utilises digital solutions to enable trustees, directors and shareholders to conduct the administration of their trusts and group companies and entities cost-efficiently, conveniently and effectively.

Our fiduciary division is unique in that it comprises a wide range of specialist attorneys that bring a holistic approach to planning your estate. We can assist, whether you require a trust and wills specialist to create your trust and prepare your will, a company and commercial law expert to review your company structures and prepare all your agreements, a tax specialist to ensure compliance with our tax laws and to create tax efficient structures, an offshore specialist to ensure your assets are secure in offshore jurisdictions or an estate administration attorney to make sure your assets are transferred efficiently in accordance with your last wish.

It is a welI-established principle that no matter how well your trust deed is drafted, if it is not administered as a trust, independent from the client, it will count for zero.