Through LIGHTHOUSE WILLS we offer a complete online and personal service to advise on your estate planning needs and offer the following expert services through our team of experienced specialist lawyers and estate administrators.


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Cost Effective

We provide two cost effective online Will applications, which have been carefully designed by our fiduciary attorneys:

  • a simple single Will that does not cater for a testamentary trust;
  • a single Will that does cater for a testamentary trust.

When Would you Need a Testamentary Trust?

The Will with a testamentary trust creates a trust for children who are still minors. Failure to do this will result in the assets bequeathed to the minor child going to the government administered “Guardians Fund” until they turn 18 years. We recommend that a trust is established to receive the inheritance, which will be administered by your nominated trustees until they become majors. You can select the age at which the trust may be terminated – we recommend 25 years of age.

The Interview Page

The interview is divided into tabs with the first tab providing information on how to complete your Will. You must go through each tab and complete the questions – only the fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

Help Text

Narratives are contained throughout the interview to provide guidance and further information.

Submit Button

Once you have completed the “interview” you will find a submit button on the last tab page called “I’m done. Submit Will for review” – once you click this button your Will is submitted to us and you will be taken to a payment page where you can process your online payment via credit card or electronic fund transfer.

24 Hour Turn Around

Within 24 hours of us receiving your payment, your Will is emailed to your designated email address, together with instructions on how to sign your Will and get it witnessed in compliance with the provisions of the Wills Act.

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Cost effective
24 hour turn around