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A trust is usually at the centre of a client’s estate plan, because it allows a client to divest himself of his assets for the benefit of loved ones, yet retain involvement in the administration of the trust and also include himself as a beneficiary who may benefit, usually at the discretion of the trustees.

Lighthouse makes trust administration simple and effective.  Our electronic signing platform and secure cloud storage ensures that trustees are kept involved in the trust’s decisions and administration. 

Signing resolutions and any other documents not requiring a physical signature has never been easier with our electronic signing platform, which provides a detailed audit of each trustee’s, director or other signatory’s signing process. All our trust deeds and memoranda of incorporation are prepared to incorporate the provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act and thus take advantage of new technologies.

All trustees, directors and other authorised parties are given access to folders created on our secure cloud storage facility. All resolutions, tax returns, financials, including copies of the trust deed, letters of authority, company founding documents and any other important documents affecting the trust or company are stored on our secure cloud folders, accessible by Trustees or Directors anytime anywhere on all their electronic devices.

ActivVault Card

the ActivVault Card is designed for quick and easy access to your secure online storage facility.


The Card contains a quick Recognition (QR) code, which enables you, through any smart device, to securely and easily access an electronic copy of all your documents anywhere, and at any time.