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In a time of everchanging legislation affecting companies and trusts, it is difficult to ensure a cost effective and efficient process of compliance and administration.

We create and manage the legal structures and entities that hold your business, investments and family wealth. Compliant, Secure, Accessible – providing you peace of mind.

We offer a full range of legal services through our two dedicated legal service providers and national law firms, PGPS ATTORNEYS and  TOMLINSON MNGUNI JAMES ATTORNEYS, including:

  • Review of your Memorandum of Agreement, Shareholders Agreements or other business agreements, and update when necessary;
  • Facilitate and prepare all agreements, due diligence exercises for the sale of businesses, share re-arrangements and take-overs.
  • Full commercial legal support including group restructuring, planning , tax advice and preparing all contracts and related documents;
  • Online director legal support through our Please contact me facility.
  • Advise on statutory compliance with key acts and regulations including the Companies Act, BEE, PAIA, Labour Relations Act, POPIA, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act.
  • Other legal services and support.

We also arrange all CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) actions on your behalf
– including:

  • New company formation
  • Submitting company annual returns
  • Changing company address
  • Changing company auditor
  • Changing registered address
  • Adding or removing directors
  • Changes in authorised share capital

For a fixed monthly or agreed fee we can take care of the following for you:

  • Recording your company and entire group structure holding of all subsidiaries and related entities on our online ACTIVSTRUCTURE interactive structure diagram.
  • Ensure that the correct levels of authority are obtained and resolutions are adopted for all proposed corporate actions.
  • Preparing all your shareholder and directors resolutions and arrange signing of all company documents using the SignNow platform no more emails and phone calls to arrange signing, we draft, circulate, facilitate signing and, once completed, store away in ActivVault.
  • Capture and store all your company records and agreements in an easily accessible ActivVault which you, or any authorised person, can access at any time.

We utilise the following Electronic Services which provides our clients with instant access to their information cost-effectively, conveniently and effectively.

ActivStructure is an innovative new development of Lighthouse Trust & Corporate which provides instant interactive online access to all group entities and parties.

By simply clicking on any related entity you are able to instantly access key information and transact online, request CIPC transactions, initiate resolutions and make director or trustee enquiries. At a glance you have full administrative control of each entity and enjoy full ongoing professional support.

Signing resolutions and any other documents not requiring a physical signature has never been easier with our electronic signing platform, which provides a detailed audit of each trustee’s, director or other signatory’s signing process. All our trust deeds and memoranda of incorporation are prepared to incorporate the provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act and thus take advantage of new technologies.

All trustees, directors and other authorised parties are given access to folders created on our secure cloud storage facility. All resolutions, tax returns, financials, including copies of the trust deed, letters of authority, company founding documents and any other important documents affecting the trust or company are stored on our secure cloud folders, accessible by Trustees or Directors anytime anywhere on all their electronic devices.