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We can assist through our network of reputable offshore service providers and establish, store and maintain your offshore entities and trust records, and facilitate transactions, through our secure online ACTIVSTRUCTURE platform, which also allows you instant access and visibility of all important records and group relationships.

Our Offshore
services include:

  • Establishing new entities and facilitating offshore transactions.
  • Reviewing existing offshore entities and structures.
  • Ensuring that all entity records are maintained and accessible through our ACTIVSTRUCTURE platform.
  • Secure online storage of all important documents through ActivVault.
  • Liaising with your existing offshore service providers to maximise service delivery.
  • Obtaining tax and legal opinions.
  • Regular agreed reviews and performance assessments.
  • Initiating offshore and cross-border restructuring projects and transactions.
  • Reviewing transaction documents and drafting related agreements and documents.
  • Co-ordinating and arranging key transactions and the signing of documents.