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Legal Briefs
Credit Law
Lending to a Friend or Relative – When Must You Register as a Credit Provider? “In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are” (Unknown) Lending money to a friend or family member in need sounds like a natural and informal sort of thing to do. But beware – if...
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The Pothole Plague – Claiming Damages “If cars are required to be roadworthy, shouldn’t roads be required to be car-worthy?” (Online meme) If you fall victim to a pothole-infested road, don’t hesitate to sue for your losses. A recent High Court victory for a motorist claiming R8.6m in damages confirms yet again that those charged...
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Property Selling
Rising Damp and Failed Waterproofing: How to Sue the Sellers “[w]here a seller recklessly tells a half-truth or knows the facts but does not reveal them because he or she has not bothered to consider their significance, this may also amount to fraud” … “a willful abstention from establishing the true facts does not constitute...
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Will Drafting
In the Land of the Will, Clarity is King “The golden rule for the interpretation of testaments is to ascertain the wishes of the testator from the language used. And when these wishes are ascertained, the court is bound to give effect to them, unless we are prevented by some rule or law from doing...
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When to Lawyer Up “The first thing we do is, let’s kill all the lawyers.” (Shakespeare) Shakespeare must have had an unhappy experience or two with the lawyers of his time to have one of his characters utter that threat, but the reality is that every aspect of our lives is touched at one time...
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How to Safeguard Your Digital Presence
How to Safeguard Your Digital Presence: A Simple Checklist for Website Compliance “It’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away” (Doug Warner) Your website, social media profiles, and other online platforms play a vital role in your business strategy and in staying ahead of your competition at all times. However, it’s...
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Who Owns Your Employee’s Invention?
Who Owns Your Employee’s Invention? Lessons from the “Please Call Me” Saga 24 April 2024 is ‘World Intellectual Property Day’. It’s “an opportunity to explore how intellectual property (IP) encourages and can amplify the innovative and creative solutions that are so crucial to building our common future.” (The UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization) It’s a...
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Property: Why Do You Need an Occupancy Certificate Before You Buy?
Property: Why Do You Need an Occupancy Certificate Before You Buy? “…there is no obligation on the [seller] to obtain an occupancy certificate and to furnish it to the [buyers]” (Extract from judgment below) Imagine this – you buy your dream home, pay for it, take transfer into your name, and move in. But then...
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Budget 2024
Budget 2024: Your Tax Tables and Tax Calculator How much will you be paying in income tax, petrol and sin taxes? Use Fin 24’s four-step Budget Calculator here to find out.  The unchanged transfer duty and tax tables, with a note on fiscal drag Unchanged from last year, so taxpayers can breathe a sigh of...
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Ponzi Scheme
Ponzi Schemes: Can Liquidators Claw Back 600% of Payouts? “MTl’s business clearly amounted to an unlawful ponzi-scheme, i.e. a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return to investors and generating returns for earlier investors with investments taken from later investors.” (Extract from the MTI judgment) Recent media reports of the MTI (Mirror Trading International)...
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