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Cannabis in the workplace: can you dismiss? A recent CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) ruling, in which an employee’s dismissal for smoking cannabis before work was set aside and he was re-instated, has garnered a lot of media attention. Unfortunately, some of the resultant articles and headlines may have given the inaccurate impression...
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Grandparents – When Must You Pay Maintenance? “An inability on the part of the parents to maintain a child must be established before a grandparent will be legally liable to do so” (extract from judgment below) One wonders how many grandparents are aware of (let alone plan for) the possibility that they may have a...
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Lighthouse Trust and Corporate LegalBrief
What Must You Prove to Remove a Trustee?    “…where there is disharmony, the essential test is whether it imperils the Trust estate or its proper administration” (extract from judgment below) Trustees are of course supposed to work together to protect and further the interests of their trust and its beneficiaries, but the fact is...
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Lighthouse Trust and Corporate LegalBrief December 2020
Before You Buy or Sell Property this Festive Season… “Who acts in haste repents at leisure” (Aesop) Our Festive Season is always a busy time for property sales, and this year should be no different – pent up demand, increased affordability, relocations, record low interest rates and availability of bonds are all factors likely to...
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Lighthouse Trust and Corporate LegalBrief Fiduciary Services
Collecting Maintenance in Hard Times – Threaten Jail Time Compliance with court orders is always important. There is a particular scourge in this country of spouses, particularly husbands, failing to pay judicially ordered maintenance” (extract from second judgment below) Getting money out of serial maintenance defaulters is a notoriously difficult exercise, but even the most...
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Lilghthouse Trust and corporate Fiduciary Services
POPIA: A Practical 4-Step Action Plan for your Business By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” (Benjamin Franklin) The media is still awash with warnings about the dangers of not complying with POPIA (the Protection of Personal Information Act). The risks of non-compliance are indeed substantial but whilst much is made of the...
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Lighthouse Trust & Corporate Fiduciary Services
Does your dog bite? Your (substantial) risk remains People are entitled to walk our streets without having to fear being attacked by dogs and, where such attacks occur, they should in most circumstances be able to look to the owner of the dog for recompense” (extract from judgment below) Dog owners (in fact owners of...
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Lighthouse LegalBrief Fiduciary Services
Parking bay disputes – enforcing complex rules By subscribing to the constitution, each member accepts the benefits stipulated in his or her favour by the other subscribing members.  One of those benefits is that there shall be rules of conduct to give substance to the objectives and rights promised and conferred by the constitution …...
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Be attentive to aspects of your will “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  – Seneca As the new year gains momentum (much quicker than some of us would like) and we consider our new year’s resolutions (some of which we may already have broken), there isn’t a better time to ensure that...
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January is “divorce month”: beware the dangers of DIY The festivities are over, the bills are coming in and everyone is returning to reality. Couples who for most of the year only have to live with each other after work hours, have suddenly spent a whole lot more 24/7 time in each other’s close company....
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