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Thato Mokone
Historic Judgment favours black women married in apartheid era A recent decision of the Durban High Court has made a ground-breaking judgment for black marriages concluded before 1988, ruling that all marriages prior to this date will automatically be recognized and declared as marriages in community of property. The former Black Administration Act (‘the Act’),...
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The “honour” of being an executor in a deceased’s estate You may feel privileged to be asked to be an executor in an estate and assist in the winding up of one’s affairs as they trusted you implicitly to ensure that their final wishes are carried out. But what does it entail? In many cases,...
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DECEASED ESTATES PAY TAX It is true! Even after you are no longer part of the economy, you are still liable to pay tax! As you may already know, everything is taxed, even small items you purchase at the shop on a regular day like a can of coke. HOW DOES THIS WORK WITH A...
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“No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow” (Euripides) We will all die. We have limited control over what will eventually kill us and when, but there is something that we can do now, whilst we are still physically and mentally capable of doing so, to express our wishes as to...
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Life Partnerships, sometimes referred to as common law marriages, are not recognized as a legal relationship by South African law. These types of relationships involve the same sentimental ideas as a marriage would have, however they do not share the same legal consequences. Life partnerships usually refer to people who, regardless of gender, live together...
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